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With Wiechman, the right pigs get to the right markets!

Domestic Meat Division
Over the years, Wiechman Pig Company has developed one of the strongest market for the sale of live roaster pigs in the United States. As the pig industry modernized, we launched our Domestic Meat Division to address the need for a boxed fresh and boxed frozen roaster pig product, which, in turn, enhances sales for our processors/customers. Our continued goal for this business entity is to work together and partner with our processors/customers to develop new markets for their product.
Because of our strong response to this changing market, Wiechman Pig Company and our processors/customers are now able to:
  • Serve the "Chinese Holiday" season more appropriately.
  • Create a steady and reliable market, by offering targeted product to the market on a daily basis.
  • Enhance our price being paid for roaster pigs daily, which benefits producers, as well.

Our Domestic Meat Division has focused on developing two programs:
  • Carcass Program
    • Concentrates on and has developed markets for all product weighing from 100 lb. carcass weight up to 190 lb. carcass weight.
    • Creates markets for whole carcasses and split carcasses.
    • Has opened up several markets for all types, weights and quality of pigs.
    • The half "Pig in a Box" program was established to serve the needs of grocery store chains (faced with lack of rails, lack of cold storage), and a desire to continue the boxed pork program chains currently receive from major packers. Our new lighter box marketing concept has resulted in fewer work-related claims and injuries.
  • Fresh Meat Program
    • This segment of our Domestic Meat Division was created to help our processors/customers enrich the value of various cuts of meat.
    • Financial results generated have a direct impact on the price paid to producers.
To learn more, please email or call us at (402) 721-5115.

Wiechman Pig Company  ~  PO Box 628 ~ 725 Schneider ~ Fremont, NE 68025  ~  (800) 727-5153 (Ph)  ~  (402) 727-1919 (Fax)

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