We're gonna do it the right way.

In our line of business, we go beyond the surface judgement. Our criteria is guided by integrity, honesty and trust. Doing the right thing is what truly matters to us.

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We’ve mastered precision with our unique sorting techniques. We're not just enhancing value for each swine, but ensuring the perfect pigs make their way to the most appropriate markets. We strive for nothing less than spot-on.

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Light Butchers

Top quality butchers.

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Cull Butchers

Blemished, non-perfect butchers.

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Cull Breeding Stock

Cull sows or boars.

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Roaster Pigs

Healthy, meaty pigs.

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Proposition 12

Sell your Prop 12 pigs to us. We have longstanding relationships with packers and specialty markets who have demand for your Prop 12 pigs.
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Buying Stations

With established markets worldwide, our dedication to maximizing the value of all our marketed animals has helped us solidify long-term contracts and relationships with major swine producers in the U.S.


Hog Dealers Since 1948

In 1948, Dick Wiechman began purchasing feeder pigs for resale along with swine breeding stock. As the industry matured, Wiechman Pig evolved into a marketing leader of various sizes and weights of swine throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Today, they stand alone in their ability to merchandize these animals in more than 50 niche markets from coast to coast and border to border.


The team at Wiechman Pig are equipped with a wide-knowledge base. Our educated staff comes backed with an impressive 150+ years of combined procurement experience.


Wiechman Pig has pioneered new ways to maximize value on every purchase. Their refined sorting techniques ensure that the right pigs find their way to the right markets.
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Choose the best for them and the most lucrative for your business. Whether you've got a dozen pigs or thousands, we've got a range of options to ensure your pigs hit the right markets. Trust in our expert knowledge. Get in touch today!